Plant Features

  • Know-how, Technology, basic engineering and supply of main equipment from Canada - World leaders.
  • Promoted by a technocrat turned entrepreneur, having over four decades of experience and successfully implemented innovative technologies, which had great impact on energy conservation and Environmental protection.
  • TCL is the first manufacturer of Sodium Chlorate crystals in India on such a large scale.
  • Established in an Industrial area in Ongole, Andhra Pradesh, in 20 acres of land.
  • State-of-the-art technology and the plant is fully automated.
  • Minimal man-power, backed by expertise from Group Companies.
  • The product is an import-substitute, with a huge market potential.

Lay out

A lot of expertise has gone in, in the lay-out - thanks to the stupendous efforts of in-house technical experts and repute international engineers. The Plant is fully automated with all the latest state-of-the-art electronics Control room.


The concept, feasibility study, know-how, technology, basic engineering, training, and supply of major equipment viz. electrolysers are from Aker Kvaerner Chemetics, Canada, who are World leaders in the design and supply of Sodium Chlorate plants.
The Dryer and Crystalliser equipment are from Whiting Equipment Canada Inc. who is a diversified designer and manufacturer of Heavy Industrial Equipment, of international repute.
The other major equipment like Secondary brine tower, bagging machine are imported from USA/ Canada.


The main raw material is Industrial Grade Salt which is dissolved in the water to make brine. The Brine Plant produces Ultra Pure Brine with near-zero Sulphate, which is sent to the Electrolyser, the heart of the plant - where electrolysis process takes place, positive and negative ion split.

The Sodium Chlorate Lye and Hydrogen Gas is produced during the process. Then, the Lye is stored in the storage tanks. From the Storage tanks, the lye goes to crystalliser wherein the Lye is converted into crystal (powder).

The Slurry is again processed in the centrifuge and then the wet crystal (Sodium Chlorate) is processed in the dryer and the Crystal is moved to packing area through the screw conveyer, to make marketable Sodium Chlorate Crystal packed in 1 MT bag.