Product Quality

The quality of the product is on par with international standards, with purity of 99.85% of Sodium Chlorate crystals.

Product Specification

Sodium Chlorate

Sl No.ParametersUnitsSpecification
1Sodium Chlorate%99.5 min
2Chlorides (Cl)%0.1 max
3Sulphates (SO4)%0.02 max
4Bromates (BrO3)%0.05 max
5.Heavy Metals (Pb)%0.001 max
6Iron (Fe)%0.005 max
7Nitrogen compounds (N)%0.001 max
8Alkaline earth%0.1 max
9Moisture%0.1 max


Sl No.Parameters UnitsSpecification
1Purity%97.5 average
2Oxygen%2.5 average

Gainful utilisation of Hydrogen

The hydrogen, instead of being vented out into air, is gain-fully utilised for Hot Water Generator, Chiller plant VAM and Hot air Generator.


TCL is the first manufacturer of Sodium Chlorate crystals in India on such a large scale. The product is an import-substitute, with a huge market potential in India, catering mainly to Paper and Pulp Industries.

Pulp mills convert Sodium Chlorate crystals into chlorine di-oxide, an environment friendly (chlorine free) bleaching agent.

TCL Sodium Chlorate is available as a clear solution and dry white crystals.

Power source

The input power is 132 KV, through a dedicated line from the Andhra Pradesh Electricity Board, with a connected load of 8 MVA, divided for Transformer Rectifier and Auxiliary transformer (440V) - the capacity of transformer will take care of expansion including stand by generator sets. LT side is 415V 50 HZ. The HT and LT rooms have provision for expansion for doubling the capacity.